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PS1 on PSP Support & Help

How to put PSX files on PSP?

Connect your PSP to PC with a USB cable and enter the USB Connection mode on the console (under settings). To play PSX on PSP place eboot files you have downloaded on to a Memory Stick in the \PSP\GAMES\ folder. Each game should be in a separate sub-folder in there. The name of the folder doesn't really matter, but keep it short.

Play PS1 game on PSP - PSXPSP converter guide.

psx pspWhat you need:

  • PSP with Open Edition or M33 firmware
    You can upgrade a console you have or buy a new one with the M33 / OE firmware. See the links on the left for eboot compatible consoles
  • ImgBurn, CDRwin or another soft for creating ISO file from Disc
  • Zinga's POPStation

1. Download these 2 applications from here:
ZiNgA BuRgA's popstation:
(download the older ver - the one that generate both eboot and key)

2. Put the CD of the PSX game you want to rip in the PC disc drive.
3. Run ImgBurn or CDRwin, choose to Create image file from disc or extract disc, choose a title for PS1 game and press start.
4. Run POPStation and browse for the iso bin file that is ripped from the PlayStation 1 disc and click "go".
5. After the POP Station is done processing's look in your output folder you selected and you should see a EBOOT.PBP and KEYS.BIN file.
6. Place these in Memory Stick \PSP\GAME\(Game title name folder) folder and you're ready to go. For example for GTA game, put in ms0:\PSP\GAME\GTA.

As an alternative if you already have a PSX ISO that you wan't conver to a PSP eBoot or you have an eBoot that you want to turn ito a ISO use Impaler's
PSX eBoot Creator Guide

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: I have does as you suggest but the game doesn't seem to load.
A: You need to upgrade your PSP with OE firmware.

Q: Do I need to put other files into the game folder (BIN and CUE files?)
A: NO - only the EBOOT.PBP and KEYS.BIN files are needed for PSP.

Q: Whenever I try to generate a eboot file I didn't get the keys.bin, what is wrong?
A: I think you downloaded POPstation's newer version, just download an older version and you're ready to go.

Q: The file I downloaded has a weird ZIP / RAR / 001 etc. , how am I supposed to make it a PSXpsp eboot?
A: Download 7zip software and open the .rar file - 001 etc are split parts of the archive that are also needed to get the eboot out of the archive.

Q: Final fantasy 8 hangs on me and some other games won't even start?!
A: FF8 has a tendency to hang during battles or some scene, just set scene to still and you should be able to play the game through. As for other games, it's either a bad rip, compressed version of it won't work or it isn't supported yet in the popstation.

Q: Where can I get these widely talked about OE custom firmwares?
A: PSP OE firmware + installation instructions .

Q: Where can I download these PS1  PSXonPSP games?
A: Go to our PSX for PSP torrents download page.


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